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CHETINKAYA Brand Design founded in 2007 is a printing, publishing and branding company focused on creating unique designs according to market research and strategy planning.

We love design, that’s how we got here.

The funding pillars of CHETINKAYA are brands, commodities, culture, education and social developments. Building brands is about people. The most fascinating thing about people is their culture and their stories.

CHETINKAYA builds the bridge between culture and the awareness, understanding and value.

Whether you’re a big company or just starting up small one, we’ll use all the knowledge we have and build a step-by-step plan to achieve your professional goals.


Amazing team with international recognition

2015 – 2020 AGC Best Advertising Design in Printed Media, Turkey.

Branding, marketing and design expert, with more than 15 years of international experience on working with local and world famous brands.
CEO | Branding Expert
Anastasia P. Çetinkaya

Anastasia P. Çetinkaya

Has more than 20 years of experience in publishing and printing, has worked for the major media brands in Turkey, and is an experienced journalist, copywriter and media manager.
General Manager
Ayhan Çetinkaya

Ayhan Çetinkaya

Has more than 20 years of experience in web design and development, application development and execution, well known IT professional and expert.
Technical Director
Egor Petrov

Egor Petrov

Has more than 25 years of experience in international business management, development, strategy, alignment and positioning.
Director of Communications
Mohammad H.Rasheed

Mohammad H.Rasheed

Welcome to our

Beautiful studio in downtown

CHETINKAYA’s global partners provide award-winning expertise gathered from executing branding projects for companies big and small, from startups to big players on the market.

We can build the perfect team for your project and create a valuable, long lasting organic brand. With a team of senior-level strategists, writers, designers and producers, we execute on every level of brand marketing and communications to create the best connection.

About us

Our Philosophy

Every great brand, large or small started with a detailed strategy. We’ll build or re-build your brand from the ground up. We’ll make you understand your brand, it’s positioning and mission.

You want to do it the best way. That’s where you need us. We create new brands from nothing. We fix weak ones.
We have all you need to climb to the top. There’s a room for you up there and we know it. CHETINKAYA works with people and companies and makes them enjoy and succeed in their businesses, understand their businesses, be more useful and creative to attract valuable customers.
CHETINKAYA Brand Design is a multi-disciplinary cross cultural agency focused on creating cultural brands. We don’t just stop at design. Our message aims to build deep, meaningful relationships between brands and their customers, touching hearts and changing lives.

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